We are taking new clients in our 618 Broad St. STE B location in Story City, Iowa 50248.  Our clinic has been recently remodeled and we are ready to serve you. 


Taking on pain is our specialty.  We are experts on the subject and have extensive knowledge and training about pain and how it works.  In fact, we'll teach you all about it, it's part of what we do! 

Your headache isn't all in your head!  Did you know Physical Therapy can often help you feel better? 

Have you ever heard that back pain is common around the world?  It is extensive throughout all cultures and societies.  Let us teach you more about your back pain.  Knowledge is power and it can help you improve.

Tissues heal, but not always in the way or at the pace we would all like. Your nerves monitor your body and sometimes can become extra sensitive.  You might benefit from learning more about this and how to work toward recovery.  This is a big part of what we do. 

Did you know?  In Iowa, in most cases, a doctor referral isn't necessary for Physical Therapy.

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618 Broad St.  STE B 

Story City, IA 50248